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Pashmina Products
Pashmina shawls exclusively handmade in Nepal.In this category you will see different varieties of luxurious pashmina shawls, pashmina scarves, wraps, stoles and scarf’s. Our cashmere pashmina products are exclusively handmade in Nepal by experienced craftsman. You will find onlygenuine cashmere pashmina products in this category. Pashmina ranging from pure pashmina to Silk blend pashmina, we have all here, for luxury, warmth and extreme softness go with our pure pashmina products, for durability and silky feelings you can always go with our silk blend pashmina products. We have been exporting our best valued pashmina products to all over the world; we are most popular in UK, USA, SPAIN & AUSTRALIA. Our products will be delivered fresh in your doorstep directly from our factory in Nepal.